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Premature Ejaculation

It is a common problem among men while having intercourse with their partner. Premature ejaculation is a stage when a man ejaculates very soon before or during sexual intercourse before reaching to the satisfaction level. Gautam Clinic has experienced numbers of cases suffering from premature ejaculation and they visit us the later stage. The people coming to us share their experience of sexual intercourse with their respective partners. Frequent ejaculation can be a serious matter. Almost 30% people are suffering the early fall of semen. sometime male is too hassle to perform the intercourse and that anxiety may make him feel very low. This can be frustrating problem and may raise bitterness in the relationship of husband and wife. In fact, a man may lose the self-confidence and filled with the negative ideas. But one should not be worried as it is completely treatable disease.

Research shows that a man took 10-15 minutes to ejaculates and early discharge is indicated as premature ejaculation. Gautam Clinic has researched out many of the reasons responsible for premature ejaculation i.e. -

1. Hormonal disorder or imbalance

2. Urogenital infections

3. Testicular injury

4. Neurogenic causes

5. Increased penile sensitivity

6. Excessive drugs, smoking or alcohol

7. Physiological and psychological factors

8. Hyperness, depression or tensions

While treating the patients suffering from Premature Ejaculation, Gautam Clinic goes through the detailed history of the patients, discuss the generic situations, draw a systematic examination, diagnosis the exact problem and then provide the treatment accordingly. The sexologist doctor may undergo through the various tests like Hormone profile test, biochemistry tests, urine test, blood test, penile nerve conduction tests, scrotum, epididydmus, prostate tests for infection, and various screening is performed through the same. Detailed counseling is enough to know the tests which are to be done to treat and know the actual reasons.

After knowing the exact disease or problem, treatment can be offered through oral medicines, injection therapy, tropical therapy, sex therapy and phytotherapy. Our sex health clinic in Faridabad makes sure to choose the right therapy with the combination of right ayurvedic medicine. One needs to follow the treatment for one month to 3 months to get the effective results. People suffering from Premature Ejaculation are advised to consult with the best Sexologist in Faridabad & Delhi through call, direct visit or online consultation.

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