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Awards Sexologist in delhi, noida

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Manage Stress and Stay healthy

Many of the patients come to us with the complaints of unhealthy sex life. When we examine them or counsel them, we found them filled with stress and tensions. It is not a disease, it is the effects of the situation and circumstances which are not under our control. We seek guidance and consultation from the experts and psychotherapist.

After marriage, we can see many couples facing the issue of unhealthy sexual life. This can be resulted due to work stress and family stress. So it is our priority to resolve the issue on early basis. Here are various methods to manage the stress:-

  • • Start a day with Freshwater in the morning. yes, water not only energizes the body but also passes positive serum

  • • Walk and jog every day. One can join Gym or Fitness center as well. Physical activity parts us from the daily stress. Exercising rejuvenates positive energy and we start feeling better.

  • • Adopt Yoga and meditation habits. Every doctor prescribes the patients to perform yoga attest for 5 minutes a day. In fact, whenever you are feeling stress, do meditation and you will feel better

  • • Take a Nap. Not only family stress, office work burden create a headache. Due to which, we behave badly with the partner. So feeling weak or dull, you can take a small sleep or nap. It will refreshen the mind by relaxing the stressed cells.

  • • Eat Healthily. Drink juices and plenty of water. Junk food spoiling our life to great extent so better to adopt the healthy lifestyle.

  • • Avoid arguments and situation which leads to stress. try to forgive people quickly. One should understand that they cant change the people. So stop wasting time on others, one should give time for their own wellness.

  • • Meet with the positive people. Spare time for shopping and gaming. Do whatever makes you happy. Make adjustments bu never compromise for the sake of your happiness

  • • Social activity and NGO services offer a peace of mind so devote your time to serve freely.

If you are happy, you will be living a healthy life. Say Goodbye to Stress and Say Hi to a healthy lifestyle.

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Manage Stress and Stay healthy