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Do’s & Don’ts in Marriage Relationship

November, 2018

Marriages can be seen stressful and dominating. In reality, marriage should be based on trust and mutual respect. It is said that marriages are made in heaven and people on earth are the mediator to interact couple with each other. Marriage is not an easy decision to be taken in a minute and not a relation to be broke up within a second. It is our duty to fulfill the expectation, rituals and to obey the relationship rules.

Women are said to be home manager whereas men play a role to earn hard money for the living. There are no restrictions on work. Women are restricted to home only and men are not restricted to office only. Both work together to earn for their survival and both participate in domestic activities. Together they work with love, the relation grows eventually. It is not a system to be followed strictly, it is a mutual understanding between couples they follow from the bottom of their hearts.

Both know the value of each other and regulate their family with great love after having their baby. Having a Kid at home, broadens your responsibility towards the kid. You are not only running a home, you are growing a new generation with you so it is our duty to develop healthy and positive atmosphere around your child so that he could be nurtured with true aroma. The sexual life can be affected due to broken relation so better to follow the simple guidelines and not to diamanté each other:-

In other words, respect each other and understand each other. do not be authoritative with each and do not try to be bossy aways. Spread love and strengthen relationships. Healthier the emotional bonding happier would be the family life.

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