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Masturbation is a common activity nowadays by the young people to have sex pleasure through rubbing their own organs to achieve orgasm. Males and females have their own ways to masturbate. Usually unmarried people or married people who are not able to get satisfaction through their partner may practice masturbation.

Performing masturbation by own or using some other objects may not be relevant and natural method of intercourse which may create problems in future. One may lack natural sex desire while doing masturbation again and again. Excessive masturbation may lead to bad sex health, headaches, weakness, back pain, premature ejaculation, impotence and other health problems. People may also feel using masturbation as drug to sleep. One must avoid masturbation through strong will power or through consulting expert sexologists.

It is an artificial situation wherein a man sleeps with a woman having intercourse with him. He feels the desire and his semen leaks while asleep during day or night. It is not natural so one must consult with the good sex doctor to cure this disease. An early recovery is required to avoid the bad consequences.

When White sticky discharge comes along with urine, it is called Spermatorrhoea. It can happen due to excessive masturbation. If this disease continues, it may results in improper digestive system, sexual weakness, and dull face. It is to be treated with due care and as soon as possible otherwise it may become incurable.

Stage of early discharge is called premature ejaculation. A normal sex period is taken as 45 minutes and time of discharge is to be 4-5 minutes. But if a person gets tired and discharges his semen before time, it is considered premature ejaculation. A person with this disease may not be able to satisfy the partner so it is an ideal way to get medicinal treatment to have prevention.

If a person is not able to perform sex well and his penis does not erect well, this condition is called impotence of erectile dysfunction. It may have resulted from high stress. People suffering from this disease may try to commit suicide so it is better to consult with the sex doctor to have treatment instead of having negative thoughts. Nothing is incurable in this world nowadays.

Syphilis resulted through having unprotected safe with the prostitute girls or having intercourse with the women having this disease. It may be symbolised as irritation on the penis in the beginning, later on, a small pimple on the cap of the penis and gradually, this pimple increase in numbers and in size. The germs may enter the bloodstream and may affect the brain area of a human. So early treatment is required to get rid of Syphilis.

Depending on the disease and the seriousness.

Again it depends on upon the patient’s disease. Usually, it may be one month course but if the disease is serious, it may take a longer period to cure the same.

Not every time, in rare cases only.

We first counsel the patient, know about their life style and then perform the ultrasound, semen analysis, and another diagnosis after knowing the disease or sex problem.

If the medicines are suitable and compatible with our treatment, then only we can continue the medicine otherwise, we may stop the allopathic medicine and provides Ayurveda.

A personal visit is appreciable as every patient has the different problem otherwise, we do send the medicine through the post and accept the payment in advance only. You may send your representative who may collect the medicine on your behalf.

If medicine is taken on a regular basis with prescribed diets then all sex problems can be cured forever.

talking about sex with close ones, partner or friends will help you to know the ins and outs of the sex. You may have ideal information about what should you do and what not. So it is never disgusting to discuss the sex and related issues.

better to consult with the doctor as personal assumption may lead to making the disease incurable.

It is taken as an activity to stimulate the sex desire of partner or a part of romance. A healthy foreplay will enhance the sex desire and may lead to proper satisfaction. It stimulates natural lubrication which may lead to happy and healthy life style

No! Bleeding occurs due to the breaking of the hymen in virgins. But the hymen may absent from the birth or may break due to playing games or other physical activities. We found many marriages on doubt due to this myth.

of course Condom.

No ways


Yes! it is. Female should consult with a qualified doctor in brief.
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