Male Sexual Dysfunction Treatment

Best Male Sexual Dysfunction Treatment Clinic in laxmi Nagar

Gautam Clinic provides the best make Best Male Erectile Dysfunction (ED) Treatment in Laxmi Nagar.

The most common sexual condition men mention with their primary care physician is erectile dysfunction, sometimes known as ED. Approximately thirty million males are affected by this illness. Hence, in case you are suffering from sexual ED, then it is important to visit Gautam Clinic at the earlier.

ED is the inability to generate or maintain a sufficient erection for sexual engagement.

Even while it is not uncommon for men to suffer occasional problems with erections, erectile dysfunction (ED) that worsens or occurs frequently during sexual activity is not normal and must be treated. The most effective method of treatment is to attend a Male Sexual Dysfunction Treatment clinic in Laxmi Nagar, such as Gautam Clinic.

ED is a potential occurrence when:

  • The most prevalent causes of penile edema are limited blood flow or nerve injury.
  • Due to stress or emotional-related issues
  • As an early indicator of a more serious condition, such as atherosclerosis (the hardening or occlusion of the arteries), heart disease, high blood pressure, or high blood sugar due to diabetes
  • Identifying the cause(s) of your ED will aid in Male Sexual Dysfunction Treatment and improve your overall health. As a general rule, whatever is beneficial for heart health is also beneficial for the health of the sex organs.

The Mechanisms That Cause an Erection

When sexually excited, nerves secrete chemicals that increase the volume of blood flowing into the penis. The penis consists of two erection chambers made of spongy muscle, and blood flows into both of them (the corpus cavernosum). The corpus cavern sum’s chambers are solid and not hollow.

During an erection, the spongy tissues become relaxed, trapping blood inside them. The penis gets stiff due to the increased blood pressure in the chambers, resulting in an erection. A mans penis receives the second set of nerve signals during an orgasmic state. These impulses cause the penis muscle tissues to contract, allowing blood to be returned to the circulatory system. This causes the erection to weaken. Gautam Clinic is a ayurvedic sexologist in Laxmi Nagar where you may receive the necessary treatment.

Approximately how long does it take to treat Male Sexual Dysfunction problem?

Every body is different and the severity of the problem also varies. Hence, till the time the professionals at Gautam Clinic do not scan the entire thing, we cannot suggest a fix timeline.

ED – Is it temporary or permanent?

In multiple cases across, ED is considered to be a temporary problem, but sometimes it can be a chronic one too.

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