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Penile Implant Treatment in Delhi

Penile Implant or prosthesis is another option for the people suffering from erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation who have not found effective results through medications or therapies. This is the final option to treat the sexual illness when all the medical fails to treat or resolve the Ed & PM. Devices for penile implants are malleable or inflatable which performs likes and natural organ. We usually recommend people using bendable or malleable rods for the surgical implant as it helps to erect the penis in the right direction while having intercourse. It needs not to be adjusted or lifted while having sex. People suffering from spinal cord pain may undergo for the bendable implants, whereas people looking for the more natural ways may follow inflatable prosthesis.

People usually afraid going through the penile implants or prosthesis surgery that it is safe depending upon the surgeon. It takes a process of one hour while operating the patient and the same patients may perform the sexual intercourse after 6 weeks of surgery to avoid any side-effects. It is also to mention that penile implant is not a natural method so a man has to press the pumps to erect the cylinders which will erect the penis to perform sexual intercourse. It is also called a 3 piece penile implant system. The reservoir is implanted under the lower abdomen. The whole process is quite scientific and medical in the term.

It is always kept in mind that the pills will not work for so long. In fact, continuous in taking pills will diminish the manual power and man will feel more helpless. When erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation cannot be treated, then people must undergo for the penile implants. This involves a low amount of risk still people choosing Penile Implant or Prosthesis due to the following reasons:-

  • Almost 90 % people are satisfied with this moderate term as compare to Viagra or injection therapy.
  • Partner will never know about the erectile dysfunction till you tell. As it works like a natural penis.
  • A man needs only 6-week rest to perform sexual intercourse, not before this which is usually a less period. After getting fully recovered, you may enjoy having sex for hours.
  • Penile implants covered insurance so people may claim for the health issues or further treatment.

So contact Gautam Clinic today only and book a penile implant treatment to better cure the hardcore ED and PM problems interrupting your sexual married life

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