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Power Yoga for Overall Health

November, 2018

Unlike traditional style of yoga, power yoga is dynamic and more intense. It focuses on strength building more than meditation and is flexible in terms of postures making it interesting to practice every day. This energizing yoga practice is a combination of yoga and aerobic exercises which brings together the benefits of yoga (mental, physical, and spiritual wellness) and high-intensity exercises.

The merits of power yoga make up a long list. It provides strength to the body, boosts stamina, increases flexibility, keeps away heart diseases, strengthens the bones, and promotes a healthy weight. Adding to this, it is great to maintain a good body posture. Power yoga facilitates blood circulation in the entire body and helps to maintain a strong immunity. And, like all other physical exercises, it is great for mental health. A person who invests in power yoga has a better power of concentration and keeps away from stress. However, it is important to maintain a routine and perform the exercises accurately to enjoy the benefits of power yoga.

Here are some key points that you need to focus to make your power yoga session fruitful: -

Breathing:Yoga starts and ends with breathing. Thus, it is important to properly control your breathing throughout the poses. The asanas are beneficial only when breathing goes in sync with the poses. For this, you need to know your limits and practice good habits.

Keep the below points in mind related to breathing: -

The ujjayi breathing.This is a breathing method that involves sound and movement. The roots of power yoga lie in Ashtanga Yoga, that is based on victorious breath techniques. The ujjayi breathing can be performed in the following manner: -

This practice will help you to perform the poses in sync with your breathing. This technique of breathing effectively supplies oxygen to the whole body and makes you more active throughout the day without feeling tired.

Meditation. Yoga and meditation are interrelated. Meditation demands an enormous amount of concentration. Meditation is helpful in lowering blood pressure, fighting depression & anxiety, and overcome insomnia. Practice meditation to emulsify the effects of power yoga.

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